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Products we trade

FeedStocks :

UCO (used cooking oil)

POME – Palm Oil Mill Effluent

Animal Fats (e.g. Tallow)

FAME Distillation Residues ( Glycerol /Glycerine)

Acid Oil

Feed & Technical Products

Fish Oil (pharmaceutical, food or feed grade)


Palm Acid Oil

Other Fatty Acids & Acid Oils (technical or feed grade)

Meal (e.g. Poultry, Fish)

Biofuels :

UCOME – Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester

TME – Tallow Methyl Ester

POMEME – Palm Oil Mill Effluent Methyl Ester

RME – Rapeseed Methyl Ester

PME – Palm Methyl Ester

SME – Soy Methyl Ester

FAME blends – from Fatty Acid Methyl Esters such as the above

HVO – Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil created from waste feedstocks

Biodiesel Feedstock & By-Products

Products we produce


We produce biodiesel from fatty acids (FAME) with specifications according to EN 14214.


We produce biodiesel from used cooking oil (UCOME) that meets or exceed EN14214. Our Biodiesel made from UCO has CFPP between 0°C and +5°C the reduction of GHG emission between 85% and 95%compared to standard biofuels.

Acid Oil

We produce Acid oil with different total fatty acids from 94 to 97%

Crude Glycerin

We produce crude glycerin as a by-product of our process with glycerol content between 60 and 80%.

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